US RV Market Continues to Grow Despite Overseas Outsourcing


RV Industry

In the land of freedom the ultimate expression of liberty is to head off to wherever the road might take you and enjoy some quality time with friends or family, away from the road-blocks of the big cities, while holding on to some bits of comfort like a bed and functional kitchen.

In 2016 more than 9 million RVs are helping their owners disconnect from daily hassle, either during week-ends or on short vacations. This is an all time high and has been on the rise for the last 6 years. RV owners are having fun while boosting the economy, employing over 150.000 people in manufacturing, dealerships and rental units, which offer almost $ 8 billion in wages alone, not to mention taxes.

The most important boost of this market segment is due to changes in demographical trends.  The profile of RV owners is changing, as a recent study cited by CNBC points out:

“You used to think of RVs and think of the cigar-smoking grandpa and the retired couple,” said Matt Rose, director of recreation vehicles at the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association-Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council, “but not anymore.” “The big shift is occurring in how people RV. Nowadays, RVers are more active,” said Stef Adinaro, a personal trainer. RV parks have begun catering to this shift by offering more gyms, fitness classes, walking trails and bike rentals, she said. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s most recent ownership report, the fastest-growing cohort of RV owners in 2013 was 35 to 44 years old.

The dealers and producers are optimistic about the years to come as the forecast is positive, signaling a growth of the sales due to the retirement of more and more baby boomers. This group benefits from a solid pension plan together with good life expectancy, so they are just waiting to make the most of their silver years.

Another study of RV Industry Association has identified that the most important factors of the recent growth have to do with life-style, a more cost-conscious traveler who wishes to explore and aims to bring children and pets along while keeping an eye on possible tax deductions.

The same study highlights that:

“RVs support a balanced and active lifestyle. In a Harris Interactive survey, owners reported that RV travel enables them to experience nature and outdoor activities and enjoy quality family time. RVers reported stronger bonds with loved ones and benefits to children. RVers also cited healthier eating on the road, sleeping their own beds, and having their own bathroom facilities as advantages of RV travel.”

Keeping in mind these benefits it is easy to understand why once you taste the great outdoors from the comfort of your own bed on wheels, you have been infested with the RV bug and there is no way you are going back to spending money on hotels and taxis.

In fact, the numbers show that:

“Seventy percent of current RV owners plan to purchase another RV to replace their current unit in the future. When compared to the purchase intentions of owners in prior surveys, the 2011 data indicates current owners have a stronger intention to purchase a new RV when they do buy again.

Among new market entrants, defined as households that have never owned an RV in the past, 14% plan a future purchase with more than a third intending to purchase a new RV. Among former owners, 27% plan to purchase another RV in the future.”

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