A Quick Wedding Checklist: Planning Out a Wedding

wedding checklist

One of the biggest events that will ever happen in our lives is getting married. You will definitely need some time to plan out some things even when you are planning for a small and private event. For those who are opting for a bigger wedding with 50 to a hundred or more visitors, more time might be needed as it is not easy to lay everything out.

The Checklist

With all the preparations needed to be prepared, let us orient ourselves and look into the ultimate checklist every bride and groom needs to consider with or without a wedding planner:

  • The Budget

First and foremost, both bride and groom need to decide on how much they are willing to spend for their special event. Although this may not be a specific amount yet, an estimated range will do. The rest of the checklist will then be anchored according to the budget.

  • The Guest List

As soon as the news of a planned wedding breaks out, your family and friends will start to wonder who are invited and who are not. Some bride and grooms prefer to keep weddings lowkey and more intimate inviting only immediate family members and close friends. However, others may want a big event wherein immediate and extended families and friends are on the invitation list. Of course, this will also greatly depend on the budget.

  • The Date and Venue

There are actually seasons in which most venues are already booked for weddings, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, etc.This is why it is important to book ahead of schedule. It is important for both bride and groom to visit the potential venues for the ceremony and the reception. When the dates and the venues are finalized, the invitations may be sent. Invitations may be sent traditionally, through mails, or today, it may be sent electronically.

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  • The Food

Determine if you have guests who are vegetarian or those who have food restrictions due to health reasons. As much as possible, look for a caterer or a reception venue that will offer a wide variety of food that will surely satisfy all types of guests.


  • The Florists

Do your research of florists nearby. You might want to check out their shops and flowers personally in order for you to choose which will go well with your wedding motif.

  • The Band and Hosts

Bands are optional although they have been quite popular in the wedding community. It is also important to decide on who will play as your emcee or host for the your wedding event. You can search online for emcees and talk to them personally to see if you like their personality and the way they talk.

  • The Photographer and Videographer

Another important thing to do is to find a wedding photographer and/or videographer ahead of time. You will want to look into their previous work to see if they fit your style. You may also want to schedule ahead your pre-nuptial wedding photo and video shoot. Try to meet with two or more potential photographers and videographer before making a decision on who to hire.

The Bottom Line

Although the checklist may sound simple and straightforward, a lot of unexpected problems might come up; this is why it is best to go over the ultimate wedding checklist ahead of time in order for both bride and groom to have enough time to adjust what needs to be adjusted.